Thursday, January 19, 2012

How much does it cost for window tinting?

What is the cost for window tinting..the car is a 4 door 2010 accord sedan..

I want to tint the 4 windows and the back..location Irvine, CAHow much does it cost for window tinting?
I have a window tint business on the side and here in SAT, Texas I get $145.00 for it with manufacturer's lifetime warranty and I use High Performance Tint only. I know that it's slightly higher in CA, depending where you live.

Make sure to ask what brand they use. I strongly recommend 3M, or Madico. Both are well known not to turn purple. Stay away from brands like Gila or specially LLumar, which is known for turniung purple in less than two (2) years.


When applying tint to your auto glass make sure that you use a rubber squegee, not an applicator. Also, there is no need to to remove moldings or weather strip from your windows if the installer is a real professional. So I suggest not to drop it off or leave overnight. If possible, watch the installation.

Any auto tint priced higher than $225.00 on a 4 door car should be considered highway robbery.

Good Luck and Happy New Year!!
depending on the car and how many windows you are wanting to get tented and the percentage of the tint but an average shop for the honda is probably gonna run you about 45 to70 but it should have a warrantyHow much does it cost for window tinting?
"The price for a car tint can vary dramatically from the cheapest fly-by-night shop from $100 to the luxury tint shop's $400 or more"鈥?/a>

this is were i got this info!
ABOUT $150 TO 250.

Call several window places.

Get prices.

The cheapest one may put on bad tint.

Get references.

Ask people driving cars that has good tints.

Call car places and see who they use.How much does it cost for window tinting?
Find Tinting shops and check how much they charge. The least I spent was $110 and the guys did a good job. Remember, make sure they have good reputation and you get the best quality for your money.
If you pay more than $200, your getting ripped off. (Just FYI)
Don't ask us. Call a window tint shop!
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